In China actually hunting is also very popular, then a lot of amateurs of hunting in China try to enjoy this action by driving cars or SUV to the remote terrains or forests. Not only Chinese hunting amateurs may enjoy the process of hunting, but they also may gain enough prize, trophy. Certainly, hunting is constraint in China by Chinese government, so obeying the law and principle is also important for each hunter or amateurs in China.


In order to survive, most of the primitive men became hunters, hunting is both their way of life, but also their almost only source of livelihood. Therefore, as the earliest primitive artistic relics of human survival, early rock paintings are rooted in hunting life, mostly depicting the image of various animals and hunting scenes. Primitive human beings and animals live together day and night, have a long and close contact, this kind of hunting life is an indispensable part of their daily life, so also become the source of people’s creation. The creation of hunting rock paintings is not only a pursuit of pure aesthetic pleasure, but also a utilitarian activity in essence, hoping to achieve the purpose of high yield, reproduction and victory through the witchcraft effect of this behavior.


Hunting System and Rules in China

  • The state protects wildlife and its living environment and prohibits any unit or individual from illegally hunting or destroying it.


  • Hunting and killing of wildlife under special state protection shall be prohibited. Based on scientific research, domestication, breeding, exhibition or other special circumstances, it is necessary to capture or catch wildlife protected at the first level of the state, then the Department of wildlife administration under the State Council must apply for a license for hunting and catching; Whoever hunting wildlife under state protection at the second level must apply to the wildlife administrative department of the government of province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government for a license to hunt wildlife.


  • If hunting and catching wildlife that is not under the state’s key protection, it must obtain a hunting license and be subject to the administration of hunting and catching quotas.


  • Gun hunting must be with gun license to be ratified by the county and municipal public security organs.


  • The hunter is responsible for compensation for hunting wild animal caused crop or other loss.


  • Where a staff member of the Department of wildlife administration neglects his duty, abuses his power or engages in malpractices for personal gain, he shall be given administrative sanctions by his unit or the competent authority at a higher level; if the case is serious and constitutes a crime, he shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.


Hunting Gear and Equipment

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Hunting in China

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